PVC Shower Cubicles

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Our shower boxes are entirely made in pvc without any harmful substances, they represent the best accident-prevention solution for those who have small bathrooms but don’t want to renounce to the comfort inside the shower box.

In order to give more attractive quality to shower boxes, our line of products offers solutions with both folding or sliding doors and crystal glass: the perfect union between natural colours and a design with a highly attractive impact.

The PVC shower box is the result of careful studies about shower box problems. The study was particularly centered on hygiene and practicality of cleaning the shower boxes. With the revolutionary sliding system (Patent) and no-condensation special lamellar panels, the water directly flows into the shower plate or bath without leaving any residues.

A variety of models are adaptable to every level and shape. The Bath and Shower Cubicles are unassainable by the mould and can be easily washed with common liquid detergent. They do not change their colours with use.