PVC Linear Ceiling Systems

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With its unique joint system, the PVC Linear Ceiling System allows you to simply clip the panels to one another - quickly and easily. The result is bright and good-looking. This system is colourfast, water-resistant, budget-friendly and only requires a minimum of care and maintenance. Select any of the numerous colours available to give any room you want a whole fresh new look. Solid colours, print designs, foil print and PVC lamination. The daring options are carefully studied and create design possibilities that produce a large variety of textures and designs. The decorative reliefs and surfaces allow colour combinations or even mirrors to be used. Thus providing surprising effects.

These panels are made out of a plastic that is fully waterproof and fully washable. Maintenance is therefore very simple. All you need to do is clean with a damp cloth and your wall or panel is as good as new. Naturally they keep the original colours, even with intensive maintenance.

Due to their water resistant properties our panels can be used in moist and damp areas such as bathrooms, shower cubicles, toilets, kitchens, basements, garages, etc. The panels will neither delaminate nor absorb water, which makes them the ideal bathroom ceiling and bathroom or shower wall panel. Obviously, all other areas around the house can also be clad easily with our paneling.