Curtain Rails

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The right curtain rail, correctly fitted, will make a big difference to the hang of your curtains and the whole look of your room. We have a wide selection of curtain rails made in heavy duty aluminium that can be made to exact lengths and can be ordered ready bent. This type of curtain rail is more expensive but stronger and more durable,
as well as being bendable. It is suitable for light, medium and heavy weight fabric and gives you smoother drawing curtains. Corded and uncorded options are available with this type of rail.
Corded rails are threaded with nylon cord at the back which connects to a system of gliders and pulleys.

You open and close the curtains by using a pull-cord, without having to handle the curtain, protecting more delicate fabrics from damage. Corded rails are also useful for heavy curtains and for tall windows, making drawing your curtains easier. Rails are ordered according to length, bent outwards or inwards.